Overall balances for January and March 2019 was surplus as Tax Revenue, notably Revenue from Import Duties, BPT and Airport Service Charge, increased significantly while Capital Expenditure was very low. However, the overall balances for February and April 2019 was deficit as the expenditure, was higher than the revenue received during that month.

Budget utilization

27.6% of the total Expenditure approved for 2019 was spent by the end of April 2019. Revenue and Grants realized till end of March 2019 was 34.5% of the total projected in the approved Budget 2019.


Largest revenue in April 2018 and 2019 was from Goods and Service Taxes collected from TGST and GGST. Other major revenues include Import Duties.


Salaries, Wages and Allowances make up the majority of spending for April 2019, followed by Pensions, Retirement benefits and Gratuities and Grants, Contributions and Subsidies.

Expenditure by AGA

Till end of April 2019, the largest spending through MoF Special Budget was on Losses and Write-offs and capital contribution to SOEs. The highest expenditure by Ministry of Education was for Grants to private parties, such as issuing vouchers for stationery and expenditure on acquiring ICT hardware. Other major spending was from Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure for infrastructure project, Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Health and IGMH on medical consumables and NSPA for Social Benefits.